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What to Do When Seniors with Alzheimer’s Say Mean Things

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

Seniors with Alzheimer’s sometimes display aggressive behaviors due to factors beyond their control, such as medication side effects. Managing situations such as these can be challenging for family caregivers. Warren senior home care experts recommend a few tips on what to do if your loved one displays mean behavior as a result of Alzheimer’s.

Look for Underlying Reasons

Often, environmental factors or physical discomfort causes seniors with Alzheimer’s to lash out. Caregivers should make sure their loved one is not in pain, cold, or hungry. If something is amiss, fixing it may lead to calmer behavior.

Try Switching Tasks

It is also common for seniors with Alzheimer’s to use mean words when they are frustrated. Take a moment to assess what your loved one was doing at the time of his or her angry behavior. For example, the frustration of trying to open a jar or button a shirt may have become too challenging. Switching to a new task in these situations can help seniors take their mind off the problem they experienced.

Put on a Poker Face

As upsetting as it is when someone speaks harshly to you, it is absolutely critical not to show any negative emotions. Looking angry or upset can lead to further aggressive behavior. Instead, take a deep breath and remain as neutral-faced as possible until your loved one’s negative behavior has passed.

Take a Break

If a senior is particularly mean, he or she may simply want some space. In such instances, consider for a moment if what you and your aging loved one are doing together can wait. For example, your loved one’s bath can be postponed until he or she is in a better mood.

Reach Out for Support

Although you know it is just the Alzheimer’s talking and not your loved one’s true personality, it can still be painful to face verbal aggression. Make sure to take some time out for yourself when the negativity starts getting to you. Having the support of professional Warren caregivers can get you get a few minutes of respite and help you regain your calm.

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