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Role of Optimism in Aging Well

By Kevin McClarren, 5:23 pm on

While it has been known for years that a positive attitude can impact our day-to-day lives, this may be especially so for seniors. Recent studies have indicated that the optimistic senior will reap several benefits, including better overall health. Studies report that the optimistic senior may enjoy decreased blood pressure, less complaints of physical pain and even improved sleep quality. As a caregiver, there are several things that can be done to encourage an aging parent, grandparent or loved one to enjoy a positive attitude.

  • Focus on the Positive – One of the best ways that the caregiver can encourage a positive attitude is by focusing on the positive, rather than the negative. This can include praising the senior for their achievements, reminding them of how important they are to the family and how loved that they are. Even if the senior has limited independence, it is also good to focus on what the senior can do for them self, rather than what he or she cannot. If you are unsure of how to promote independence for your aging loved one while still making sure they receive the highest level of quality care, consider professional in-home care services in Warren. Caregivers are trained in how to promote independence while providing high-quality care that ensures comfort and safety.
  • Reconnect with One’s Spirituality – One aspect of life that may change for the senior is their ability to participate in things that they once enjoyed; this can include faith based activities. The senior with decreased mobility may no longer be able to attend worship services or be as active with the organization as they once were. Try bringing the activities to the senior or find ways that they can still participate in faith based activities. Statistics show that faith plays a huge role in optimism in the aging and ill.
  • Remain Active – Those that are active are more likely to have a positive attitude. The family caregiver can assist by offering a variety of opportunities for the senior to be active. This can include gardening, caring for a pet or the simple activity of bird watching. Any activity that keeps the senior busy and gives the senior something to look forward to can be beneficial to physical and emotional health. Performing the activities with a partner such as a family member or trusted Warren caregiver can also promote social ties and cognitive functioning.

Although optimism isn’t something that can be taught, it can be encouraged by the individuals and activities that surround a senior. If you are unable to provide support to your aging loved one because of personal commitments, lack of time or work obligations, consider help from a professional and compassionate caregiver companion. These individuals can provide hourly or live-in care in Warren and provide seniors with the necessary support and encouragement they need, while also attending to their physical and personal care needs.

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