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Breakthroughs with Alzheimer’s Disease

By Kevin McClarren, 4:00 pm on

Scientists may be much closer to finding a cure for Azheimer’s disease, or at least making great strides in prevention and treatment. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have discovered a drug compound that successfully reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s in mice.

The compound, known as TC-2153, inhibits the protein STEP (STriatal-Enriched tyrosine Phosphatase). STEP was discovered by Yale’s Dr. Paul Lombroso 25 years ago. Dr. Lombroso found that patients with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other diseases causing mental deterioration all have high levels of STEP.

The delivery of the TC-2153 compound works to simply prevent STEP from eradicating the brain’s ability to retain information and learn new facts. Researchers are conducting further tests to see if the same results can be duplicated in humans, but it’s still too soon to tell. Warren senior health providers are optimistic and hoping that this could become the Alzheimer’s treatment of the future.

Another recent study by researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School linked vitamin D deficiency to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors found that a moderate deficiency of the vitamin increases an adult’s chance of Alzheimer’s by 53 percent, while a severe deficiency brings the number up to 125 percent.

While vitamin D has long been thought to promote bone health, this study suggests it serves an important role throughout the body, regulating calcium levels in brain cells. So the key to Alzheimer’s prevention may lie in getting enough sunshine and eating a diet rich in milk and fish.

These important Alzheimer’s breakthroughs may be changing the world, as well as allowing seniors to live longer, happier, and more productive lives. It remains vital for senior adults to have regular health screenings to detect early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. If your aging loved one has already been diagnosed with this cognitive disease, contact Home Care Assistance of Warren at 908.450.9400 to inquire about our hourly or 24/7 in-home Alzheimer’s care.