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4 Foods & Drinks Seniors with Diabetes Should Stay Away From

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

After a diabetes diagnosis, certain adjustments will need to be made to your senior loved one’s lifestyle, and one of the most important changes involves what goes into his or her body. The staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of elderly care in Warren, has put together a list of foods and drinks many doctors recommend seniors with diabetes should avoid.

1. Fruit Juice

Fresh produce should be a major component of everyone’s diet, but fruit juice can be a different story altogether. Seniors who have diabetes might not realize just how much sugar is packed into many of these beverages. Even 100 percent fruit juice with no additives can cause a dangerous spike in your loved one’s blood sugar. Most diabetic seniors only keep fruit juice around the house for when their blood sugar drops to an unhealthy level and they need a quick boost.

2. Fried Foods

Seniors who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes must be careful about every facet of their diet, including their caloric intake and the amount of trans fat they are consuming. Unfortunately, some of the most popular fried foods like potato chips, french fries, and donuts are filled with trans fats, grease, and carbohydrates, and they might also contain a large amount of refined sugar.

3. Alcohol

Consuming too much alcohol at any age can result in a myriad of health problems, but these beverages can be especially dangerous for seniors with diabetes. Many forms of alcohol either contain carbohydrates that can wreak havoc on your loved one’s blood sugar or are mixed with sugar-laden drinks. If your loved one would like the occasional drink, it is important to only consume one or two servings per day. A serving is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 1.5 ounces of liquor, or 5 ounces of wine.

4. Soda

After the diabetes diagnosis, soda is most likely the first thing the doctor told your loved one to cut from his or her diet. While there is still some debate about diet soda, regular soda should always be avoided by anyone who has diabetes. Even just one soda a day could result in dangerous blood sugar fluctuations.

If your loved one needs help managing diabetes symptoms and maintaining a healthy diet, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our part-time and live-in caregivers in Warren can prepare healthy meals and go grocery shopping for your loved one, and they can also help with other tasks that make diabetes easier to manage, including exercise, medication reminders, and transportation to medical appointments. For more information on how our in-home care services can promote your loved one’s quality of life, call 908.450.9400 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.