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Benefits of Senior Exercise Classes

By Kevin McClarren, 8:00 am on

Older adults need regular physical activity in order to remain healthy. At Home Care Assistance of Warren, we know that exercise combats a number of common age-related conditions such as heart disease, obesity, and even some forms of cancer, and incorporate daily exercise into each of our senior care plans. Senior adults who are looking for new, fun, and safe ways to exercise can look into exercise classes in the local Warren community.

Why Group Fitness?

Research shows that a regular exercise program will benefit seniors who have difficulty walking, balance issues, and high blood pressure. It also improves mood and reduces depression. Moderate physical activity will also help manage stress and delay or prevent the onset of many age-related diseases.

When exercise is done in a group or class setting, seniors also enjoy the social aspect of exercise and can learn from and meet other seniors who share a common goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with age. In a class, the exercise instructor can help seniors perform the exercises in proper form to reduce the risk for injuries.

Starting an Exercise Program

Previously sedentary older adults should begin with beginner exercise classes, which can help them regain stamina and strength. Moderate physical activity increases flexibility and strengthens muscles and bones which makes completing activities of daily living easier, so that seniors can maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Seniors should also inquire about strength training classes at the local gym or senior center. Light and moderate strength training classes will help seniors build more muscle and will allow the entire body to get stronger. Strength training can also be performed without having to buy a lot of equipment. Seniors can start slowly with one-pound weights, under the supervision of a family member or in-home caregiver, and can slowly increase the weight as they get stronger.

Exercise Encouragement and Help with Daily Activities

Seniors should, of course, obtain approval from their doctor or primary care physician before starting an exercise program. If your senior parent or loved one needs help with doctor-recommended exercises or activities of daily living, call 908.450.9400 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with a friendly Care Manager from Home Care Assistance of Warren and don’t forget to ask about our hourly and live-in care plans for seniors adults.