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5 Major Advantages of Long-Term Senior Home Care

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

Seniors who require regular assistance can benefit from having a flexible plan that offers options for both long and short-term care. Some seniors only need home care services for a few weeks at first, but changes in health may require them to transition to something more permanent. By choosing long-term in-home care, seniors and their families can enjoy the following 5 benefits.

1. Ensures Continuity of Care

Seniors who receive long-term Warren in-home care get to know their caregivers, which increases the quality of their care. Not only does seeing the same caregivers on a regular basis help seniors feel more comfortable, but it also allows the family to become familiar with the caregivers. This familiarity opens the lines of communication so everyone is on the same page regarding the best practices for providing care.

2. Reduces Medication Mishaps

Seniors who are responsible for taking medications on their own are more likely to make mistakes that jeopardize their health. Having a long-term caregiver allows someone else to become familiar with the prescriptions and serve as a second set of eyes. From watching out for dangerous side effects to providing reminders about a missed dose, respite and live-in caregivers in Warren play a valuable role in helping seniors manage long-term medication needs.

3. Encourages Independence

It may seem counterintuitive, but having a long-term caregiver actually promotes independence for seniors. This is because caregivers are trained to teach seniors with long-term health conditions how to manage their daily routines with only the amount of assistance they actually need. Caregivers in Warren, NJ, can show seniors how to modify their routines and use mobility aids so they can be as involved as possible in completing daily activities.

4. Prevents New Health Conditions

One health condition often leads to another. For example, a senior who has injured his or her hand might not be able to prepare meals, which then leads to malnutrition. Whether seniors need help with cooking, cleaning, or personal hygiene, having the help available long term reduces many risks to their health.

5. Boosts Emotional Wellbeing

Seniors who live alone need to see familiar faces throughout the week, which is especially true for those living alone for a long period. Knowing a caregiver will be dropping in for meal times or just to say hello gives seniors an opportunity to relieve stress through companionship and conversation. 

If your aging loved one needs help at home, whether it be for a few hours a week or around the clock, reach out to Warren Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of respite and live-in care, and our dedicated and compassionate caregivers are trained to help seniors with a variety of tasks while enhancing their quality of life. All of our in-home care services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, our caregivers are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we’ll never ask you to sign a long-term contract. Call 908.450.9400 today to learn more and schedule your free in-home consultation.