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Common Physical Conditions Affecting Seniors

By Kevin McClarren, 8:00 am on

As people age, the likelihood of experiencing physical ailments increases. If you are concerned about the health of a senior parent or loved one, knowing the common age-related can help you ensure his or her comfort, safety, and overall quality of life. Home Care Assistance, a premier senior care provider in Warren, shares the common physical conditions affecting older adults


About 22 percent of people over age 65 have diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar can result in many other serious health problems down the road such as neuropathy, blindness, heart disease, poor brain perfusion, and kidney failure. Seniors who have been diagnosed with diabetes must educate themselves about their condition and take charge of their testing and medication regimens in order to avoid grave consequences.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the primary cause of death in older adults, and approximately one-third of all seniors have cardiac conditions. Uncontrolled hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, and smoking all contribute to poor heart health. People who follow a physician-prescribed exercise routine, eat fresh foods and avoid fat, and take measures to properly manage stress can help avoid the deadly ramifications of cardiac disease.


The pain and stiffness of arthritis is felt by many seniors and its debilitating effects can make once simple tasks difficult or impossible to manage. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications that have been approved by a physician can help ease pain, and cold and warm compresses can also be soothing. Adaptive devices and easy to open products can make life easier for those suffering with arthritis.


Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the older population and close to one-fourth of seniors have the disease. It is not always possible to avoid cancer, but having frequent screenings can help catch any problems before they get out of control. People with a family history of cancer should be checked more frequently. If a senior parent or loved one has cancer, attending all medical appointments is instrumental for proper care and pain management. Click here to learn more about how a trained and professional part-time caregiver can help if you are unable to provide around-the-clock assistance.

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