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Benefits of Coordinated In-Home Senior Care

By Kevin McClarren, 4:00 pm on

With more and more aging adults requesting in-home senior care in Warren, New Jersey, we are seeing an improvement in the way our aging population is living. Over 80% of aging seniors prefer to remain within the comfort of their own home while receiving care. Studies show that adults who receive in-home care, as opposed to going to a senior care facility, live longer while maintaining emotional health and quality of life. This is partially due to the fact that reputable home care providers are now paying special attention to providing coordinated senior care.

What is coordinated care?

This approach to care is ideal for seniors who are struggling with more than one condition, disease or ailment. Seniors who are living with multiple conditions oftentimes need to meet with multiple physicians, therapists, and specialists all while managing different treatment plans and medications. This can become overwhelming very quickly for both the aging adult and their family members. Having one person in charge, such as a highly trained and reliable in-home caregiver, who is able to effectively keep track of all aspects of care for the aging adult can make in-home care both manageable and safe.

An hourly or 24/7 caregiver from Home Care Assistance of Warren is able to promote coordinated care by:

  • Opening up the lines of communication between physicians and therapists
  • Taking thorough notes at appointments
  • Picking up prescriptions and setting medication reminders
  • Monitoring and notifying medical professionals and family members of any changes in health and behavior

Why is coordinated care so important?

Care is clearly most effective when the entire team of Warren home care professionals and physicians pull together to handle the special needs of aging adults. Having someone coordinating a care plan that best suits the older adult will eliminate confusion and conflicting treatment plans while providing a feeling of well-being and an improved quality of life for the senior.

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