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New Ways to Approach Family Caregiving

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

Though routines are often important when providing at-home care in Warren, sometimes taking a fresh approach to these routines or establishing new ones can make life fulfilling for both the senior and the caregiver. Use these tips to keep caregiving refreshing and fun for both you and your elderly loved one. 

Give Certain Days a Food-Themed Focus

Getting your loved one to eat healthy may be challenging, but giving each day a special food-themed name may make eating nutritional meals more exciting. For instance, if a doctor has suggested your loved one follow the Mediterranean Diet, refer to Mondays as Mediterranean Mondays and cook foods that are a part of this diet. Salad Saturdays are another fun example, and you can change the days up based on your loved one’s dietary needs. If your loved one receives part-time or live-in care in Warren, his or her professional caregiver can prepare healthy meals based on these routines.

Dress Up and Create Memories 

Getting all dressed up with nowhere to go is not necessarily a bad thing. You, your loved one, and other family members can all get dressed up to take family photos at home and recreate your loved one’s favorite characters, actors, or times from the past. This not only provides the opportunity to have fun together and keep your loved one socially stimulated, but you are also creating new memories. These photos can be used for many purposes, including gifts for the holidays or just keeping them in photo albums. To keep the photo shoots interesting, refreshing, and fun, change the theme up each time.

Go Out Regularly

Even if your loved one is not as mobile as he or she once was, you can still take short day trips out together. Try visiting local antique shops, restaurants, jewelry stores, casinos, the mall, parks, or any other locations your loved one enjoys. Weekly trips don’t have to require a lot of energy, and they offer a chance for your loved one to unwind outside of the home. Seeing the different faces, hearing the various noises and conversations, looking at the many colors, and feeling the fresh air can all be stimulating for your loved one, and going out gives him or her an activity to look forward to each week and helps prevent isolation.

Experience Music Together 

Dedicating a day or two a week to music can be a fun way to prevent caregiver burnout, and it can also provide health benefits for your senior loved one. For mental engagement, you can devote time listening to your loved one’s favorite music, or you can even learn to play a musical instrument together. Listening to music can bring back memories and help both of you relax and relieve stress, and dancing to music can help your loved one stay physically active.

For additional strategies to help make caregiving a positive experience for both you and your loved one, reach out to the elderly care experts at Home Care Assistance. We are a leading provider of Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care in Warren, and our caregivers can help prepare meals, provide transportation, and assist with a wide array of other important tasks. To learn more about our senior care services, call 908.450.9400 today.