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How to Celebrate National Family Caregiver’s Month in New Jersey

By Kevin McClarren, 7:37 pm on

In 1977, in an effort to highlight the important role played by American adults who care for an elderly loved one, President Bill Clinton designated November as National Family Caregiver Month.  Our current President, Barak Obama, has joined the effort by creating a new motto: “Family Caregivers—Now More Than Ever” for 2014. National Alliance on Care Giving statistics reveal that 65 million Americans, or 27% of the adult population, lovingly provide 24/7 in-home care for a senior adult.

With so many family members taking on the responsibilities associated with care giving, it’s important to remember ways to encourage family members to take care of themselves. It’s easy for family caregivers to let their own mental, physical, emotional and social health deteriorate as they dedicate most of their time and energy towards caring for others. While this selflessness should be rewarded and acknowledged, it can be all-consuming if time isn’t allotted for respite.

Here are some suggestions on how family members can take time for themselves and get educated on new trends in care during National Family Caregivers Month, provided by some of the top senior caregivers located in Warren, New Jersey.

On November 13th, a retreat entitled “Reconnect, Refresh, Refocus” will occur along the Jersey Shore at Long Branch. Donna Cardillo, a New Jersey RN who has served as a family caregiver for her MS-afflicted husband for almost 20 years, is hosting the retreat. This getaway for family caregivers is designed to encourage them to take a break and breathe while receiving support and encouragement while socializing with likeminded individuals. More information on the retreat can be found at

Another valuable website is This newly-created website offers a plethora of information, caregiver tips and available resource links including data related to the Older Americans Act.

Another form of assistance in New Jersey is the Caregiver Assistance Program (CAP). This Medicaid Waiver vehicle functions as an in-home alternative to the traditional nursing home environment. Proof of Need consists of an individual being deemed worthy of nursing home admission. Currently available in 21 New Jersey counties, the other major requirement is proof of income from SSI, a Medicaid maximum of $1,869 per month or receipt of New Jersey Care with a monthly income ceiling of $817 or less. More information can be found online at

If you are a family caregiver and you would like to inquire about the part-time hourly caregivers in Warren or are interested in discussing 24/7 senior care services, please call Home Care Assistance located in Warren, New Jersey, at 908.450.9400 to schedule a complementary in-home consultation.

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