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7 Foods Older Adults with Dentures Should Avoid

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

While dentures can restore your senior loved one’s self-confidence as well as the ability to enjoy a healthy diet, they do come with certain challenges. Your loved one does not have to give up all of his or her favorite foods, but certain items have to be altered or avoided. If your loved one wears dentures, here is a list of seven foods he or she should avoid eating.

1. Popcorn

Hard, unpopped kernels and hulls make eating popcorn difficult even with natural teeth. For seniors who wear dentures, these hard bits can lodge between the dentures and gums and create sores or even break the dentures.

  • Denture-friendly alternative – Rice cakes come in a variety of flavors and provide the satisfying crunch of popcorn without the hard, jagged bits.

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2. Solid Meats

Thick steaks, chops, and ribs are often too tough for denture wearers to chew properly. If you serve these items to your loved one, be sure to cut them into small pieces to make them easier to chew. 

  • Denture-friendly alternative – When possible, opt for pulled or ground meats that do not require extensive chewing.

3. Whole Nuts

Nuts can be extremely painful if they get stuck under the dentures. The fact that most people only chew nuts on one side of the mouth means there is a chance one side of the dentures could come loose.

  • Denture-friendly alternative – A handful of pitted olives will provide some of the same heart-healthy fats found in nuts, and they are much easier to chew.

4. Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Biting into certain raw fruits and vegetables puts enormous pressure on the front of the dentures and can cause them to dislodge. While soft foods such as leafy greens and tomatoes are acceptable, your loved one should avoid raw apples, carrots, celery, and other hard fruits and vegetables.

  • Denture-friendly alternative – You can still make sure your loved one gets plenty of healthy fruits and veggies by cooking them until they are completely tender. You can also incorporate them into a nutritious smoothie to avoid the chewing issue altogether.

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5. Seeds

While poppy, sesame, and other seeds add flavor and texture to a dish, they can get trapped between the denture and gums. Even the tiny seeds in strawberries, raspberries, and other fruits can be problematic.

  • Denture-friendly alternative – Opt for whole-grain breads and muffins without additional seeds. When serving fruits with small seeds, puree and strain them through cheesecloth first to remove any seeds.

6. Hard or Sticky Candies

Brittles, caramels, and other hard or sticky candies can easily break or dislodge dentures. 

  • Denture-friendly alternative – Opt for chocolate or other soft candies that simply melt in the mouth.

7. Nut Butters

Peanut, almond, and other nut butters stick to anything they touch, including dentures. It is also harder to remove the sticky residue from dentures than it is from natural teeth.

  • Denture-friendly alternative – Hummus is not only a tasty dip, but it is also the perfect spread for sandwiches and crackers.

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