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5 Things to Consider Buying for Your Elderly Loved One on Black Friday

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

When you plan your Black Friday shopping, Warren in-home care experts suggest you consider buying items for your senior loved one that are good for his or her physical and mental wellbeing. The items listed below can be purchased for bargain prices, and they may even help promote your loved one’s health. 

1. Web-Enabled Devices 

Laptops, computers, and tablets are always available for great prices on Black Friday, and they can help seniors stay connected with the world outside of their homes. The Internet provides seniors with access to other people, including senior chat rooms. Your loved one can play a variety of online mind-exercising games or read books, which can help stimulate his or her brain and possibly prevent memory loss. 

2. Video Gaming Systems

Video consoles are not only great for teens and young adults, but they can be perfect for seniors as well. Many seniors experience slips and falls that lead to serious injuries. However, video gaming systems with fitness games can help seniors increase their balance, which could help them avoid falls. Wii Fit is a popular game your loved one can use to remain physically fit and challenge his or her brain.

3. Therapeutic Mattresses

When it pertains to the overall health of the elderly, therapeutic furniture wins against style and décor. You should search the Black Friday advertisements for the best deals on therapeutic mattresses for your loved one. These mattresses, along with pressure relief mattresses, could help your loved one prevent bedsores, back pain, and aches. This type of mattress can also adapt to your loved one’s body temperature, allowing him or her to sleep or nap comfortably. 

4. Shower Chairs

When you go shopping for your elderly loved one on Black Friday, be sure to purchase a good shower chair for him or her. Shower chairs make it easier for seniors to bathe, especially those who have issues standing or maintaining their balance while in the shower. You should try to find a shower chair with an adjustable seat and grab bars, which can prevent slipping. 

5. Mini Refrigerators 

When you are thinking of items to purchase for your loved one this year, consider buying him or her a mini refrigerator. You can put this refrigerator in your loved one’s bedroom or an upstairs room, depending on which would be easier for him or her to access. This prevents your loved one from walking up and down the stairs too frequently just to get a drink or snack. The convenience of a mini refrigerator is great for seniors who have limited space.

Sometimes, even the smallest gift can benefit your loved one in the greatest way. However, he or she may face health complications preventing him or her from utilizing these items independently. A professional caregiver can help. Turn to Home Care Assistance for specialized dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke care Warren families trust. We also offer hourly and 24/7 care to help with a variety of daily tasks such as bathing, exercise, and grocery shopping. To schedule a no-obligation consultation and learn more about our high-quality senior care, call one of our friendly Care Managers today at 908.450.9400