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Hospital Personnel Job Descriptions

By Kevin McClarren, 7:56 pm on

Who You’ll Meet During your senior’s Hospital Stay

When your elderly loved one is admitted to the hospital, there are several medical staff members that you will likely meet throughout the duration of their stay. It’s important that a family member or senior caregiver in Warren is appointed to handle communication with hospital personnel. Having one person in charge who is responsible for taking notes, asking questions and looking after your aging loved one’s safety, streamlines the discharge process and helps avoid miscommunication. Here are the medical professionals that you will likely encounter during a standard hospital stay:

The Doctor or Surgeon

This is obviously the person who is in charge of your loved one’s care. While the doctor will be present and available for conversation, you will likely be interacting with other hospital staff members more than the actual physician. When you do speak with the doctor, be prepared to take notes and ask questions as you think of them.


You will meet the head nurse or charge nurse who is on shift when your family member is admitted. The nurse will help get the patient in bed, change the patient’s clothes and start any intravenous lines. The nurse will also discuss any special instructions while the patient is in the hospital. A CNA will also be present. This is the person who will do the bathing, dressing and feeding, if needed. Some CNAs will help with the administration of medicines.

Social Worker

This person will discuss the long term goals after your aging loved one is released from the hospital. The social worker can also help get the patient a professional live-in caregiver located in Warren, New Jersey, if it’s recommended.

Discharge Planner

A discharge planner gets all of the paperwork together when your senior family member is ready to go home or to another location. Information about medications that need to be taken or physical therapy appointments that are required will be discussed. This is one of the most crucial times to ask questions and to make sure that the instructions are very clear. You may also want to ask the discharge planner about any mobility devices that your loved one needs to obtain before hospital discharge.

If you’re concerned about managing communication throughout your aging loved one’s hospital stay and during the transition back home, contact Home Care Assistance of Warren for professional help. Out hospital caregivers are able to provide care throughout the entire hospital process, from bedside hospital assistance to continuous in-home recovery care.

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