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Top Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

Technology has enhanced the lives of senior adults, giving them a chance to reconnect with their family and friends, explore new interests, and keep up with global happenings. However, the Internet can be fraught with risks that may not always be evident to someone who is new to surfing the web. For this reason, every senior adult and their loved ones should follow these Internet safety tips recommended by Warren senior care experts that can keep them safe as they surf the Internet.

 Install Security Software

Although many new computers come with security software already installed, it is essential to make sure that the software is up-to-date. Turn on the auto-update feature so that the software can properly protect the computer and send vital alerts as they arise.

Know How to Create a Secure Password

It may be tempting to create a password that is easily remembered, such as one that has a loved one’s name or birthday. However, these are never secure enough to protect personal information. Instead, select a password that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Passwords longer than nine characters are always better, and never give the password to anyone, especially online or over the phone.

Be Suspicious of Free Downloads

A common online scam is to offer so-called free software downloads for movies, games and other sources of entertainment. Anti-viral warnings may even flash on certain websites as an attempt to lure unsuspecting seniors into accepting a download offer. Often, these downloads are riddled with viruses and malware that can infect the computer.

Know Common Online Scams

Unfortunately, senior adults are often sought out online by scammers who aim to get personal information that can be used to take over bank accounts and other forms of identity theft. Seniors should know to avoid opening emails from unknown parties and to never give out their identifying information online.

Use Privacy Features on Social Media

If your loved one uses social media, it is important to utilize the privacy features to ensure that conversations and photographs stay out of the public view. Families may also want to talk to their loved one about how to avoid and handle online bullying.

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