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How Caregivers Can Renew Their Spirits

By Kevin McClarren, 8:00 am on

When caring for an elderly parent or loved one, your main focus is ensuring his or her needs. Whether that includes help around the home, meal preparation, medication reminders or transportation to medical appointments, you are taking on numerous activities that can ultimately leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted. While these feelings of exhaustion may be manageable at first, it’s important not to forget that the quality of care provided is determined by your own personal wellbeing.

In order to continue to meet the challenges of caregiving head-on, it is necessary to renew your spirits, promoting your own health and happiness. The easiest way to do this is by taking a break. When providing at-home care in Warren, there will inevitably be good and bad days. However, by acknowledging this and planning for respite, you can maintain your own personal health, which in turn, ensures you are the best caregiver you can be.

Whether you arrange for a friend, family member or home caregiver in Warren to care for your aging loved one, it is important that you use your time away to focus on yourself. The first thing you should ask yourself is what works for you – what do you find relaxing or stimulating? Some people may find that escaping into a book or movie helps them face the rest of their day with renewed spirits. Others may look into practices like meditation or yoga to help them clear their minds and recharge for a bit. Extroverted family caregivers might find their spirits raised by meeting friends for coffee or lunch when they’re going through a rough day.

Family caregivers should also use their respite to organize their schedules. For instance, preparing healthy meals to freeze and eat later can come in handy when time is minimal, and can give the caregiver peace of mind knowing that there is one less task on their to-do list. Cleaning the house and running errands may seem like work, however for many, getting necessary errands completed can help promote feelings of accomplishment and calm for otherwise hectic caregiving days.

It can be easy to neglect personal care needs when caring for elderly loved one takes priority. However, by planning for respite and knowing the best ways to utilize time away, caregivers can return to their care responsibilities energized and ready to take on whatever challenges the day presents.

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