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The Basics of Senior Stroke Recovery

By Kevin McClarren, 8:00 am on

Seniors who recently experienced a stroke can find it difficult to continue their daily regimen even after they are discharged from the hospital. Motor skills remain weak, leaving important tasks such as personal hygiene and eating requiring full assistance from family members and in-home caregivers in Warren. Successful recovery greatly depends on the rehabilitative care that your aging parent or loved one receives.

The Goal of Rehabilitation

The main goal of post-stroke care is for your loved one to return to his or her highest level of functionality at a safe pace. Depending on the severity of the stroke, your loved one will need to relearn basic skills and may need around-the-clock or 24-hour care in Warren for the first few weeks or months of recovery to enhance rehabilitation, ensure safety, and maximize comfort at home.

Promote Independence and Dignity

Help your loved one complete daily tasks. Try to help them as much as you can but also allow them to do the task for themselves. For seniors who are having difficulties getting dressed, for example, modifying clothes to have Velcro fasteners instead of zippers and buttons can allow your loved one to maintain a higher level of independence.

Motivate and Celebrate Achievements

Older adults can find it difficult to adopt a new regimen and frustration from not being able to perform simple tasks can be discouraging and hinder the recover process. Keep a positive attitude and continue to motivate your loved one by providing encouragement and emotional support. Family members can continue to help their loved one by motivating them to finish their recovery program either by accompanying them to appointments and celebrating small goals and achievements along the way.

Seek Support Services

Help your senior loved one regain his or her independence by establishing a solid support group. Many communities have local support groups designed specifically for seniors, and with the internet, the possibilities for connecting with others in similar situations are limitless. This kind of support, partnered with the right rehabilitative care plan can lead to a safe and successful recovery.

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