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Skin Care for Aging Adults

By Kevin McClarren, 8:00 am on

Aging skin has special needs and it’s important to be aware of them, especially if you have a skin condition. Even those who have taken excellent care of their skin in their youth will still eventually face certain problems as a natural component of age. However, if you follow these tips from the trusted Warren senior care professionals at Home Care Assistance, you will feel comfortable in your skin for a lifetime to come.

Dry Skin

Oil glands tend to stop producing oil with age, causing the most common skin problem for seniors: dry skin. It is a persistent problem but luckily it is also one of the easiest conditions to treat. Make sure showers are not too hot, which dries skin. Use soap that contains moisturizer and follow up by moisturizing with Eucerin. Make sure clothing fits loosely and is made of natural fabrics, not polyester, and always drink plenty of water because a dehydrated body leads to dehydrated skin. Eat a diet high in vitamins A, D and E which help to keep the dermis layer of the skin thicker and healthier so that it can retain more moisture.


The older you get, the thinner your dermis and blood vessels become. This means that even small bumps will result in big bruises. The problem is compounded by blood thinners and other medications that are common among seniors. If bruising is a problem, try to find alternatives to blood thinning pain killers such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Be as gentle as possible with more susceptible areas such as the forearms and legs. If bruises do occur, gently apply a cold compress and elevate the affected area until the swelling goes down. If regular bruising or injury seems to be unavoidable, ask about how an in-home Warren caregiver can help conduct a home safety evaluation to suggest possibly home modifications and mobility support devices.

Pressure Sores

Pressure sores, or bed sores, occur when a person is confined to a wheelchair or bed. Bedsores are a dangerous condition that requires medical attention if they reach into the dermis. Unfortunately, many do not understand their severity until great damage is done because the damage starts in the lower layers of the skin and works its way up. By the time you can see severe damage from a pressure sore, it can result in an open wound that reaches to the bone. Bed sores can be avoided by changing positions every two hours, even when sleeping. A 24/7 live-in caregiver in Warren can help with regular position changes and can also inspect for bed sores during bathing to detect them before they become dangerous.

Don’t Forget Beauty

A few minutes every day spent on proper face cream, a shave or putting on a little makeup can brighten the day and bring a smile to your face. We all have a need to feel good about ourselves, no matter the age. Whether you want to put on some fun accessories, dress up for a social outing, or try a new shade of lipstick, experimenting with your look as you age can be fun while also boosting self-esteem.

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