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5 Ways Seniors Can Manage Stress

By Kevin McClarren, 10:41 pm on

When adult children think of ailments their aging parents might deal with at some point, stress is rarely one of them. However, senior stress is not uncommon and can lead to problems with anxiety or depression. Fortunately, signs of stress can be easily recognized if a caregiver knows what to look for. Here are a few common signs of stress and strategies to fight senior stress brought to you by leading Warren senior care provider, Home Care Assistance.

Signs Of Stress

Typically, seniors who are stressed will become irritable. They may keep communications short, eat more or less than normal, and in some cases, they may become withdrawn. When seniors become stressed, they may also stop caring for their personal appearance and the appearance of their surroundings.

1. Embrace Technology

Technology can help combat stress in seniors caused by loneliness. Teach your senior loved one how to use social media platforms like Facebook and Skype. Social media helps create a sense of belonging even when seniors are unable to be present in person. Your senior loved one can stay up-to-date of peoples lives through Facebook, use Skype to make video calls to loved ones far away, or even find a topical forum online to discuss his or her interests.

2. Go Back to Work Part-Time

After the honeymoon phase of retirement wears off, seniors often become bored, lonely, apathetic, or even worried about long-term finances. A part-time job can help fight stress caused by financial problems, isolation, or a loss of purpose. The trick with going back to work is helping your senior loved one find something he or she is interested in. If he or she doesn’t need the income from work, consider signing them up to volunteer at a library, food kitchen, or at ongoing events around town like 5Ks.

3. Make Home Upgrades

Making tasks easier to accomplish can help fight stress associated with trouble completing basic daily activities. For example, install a safety rail in the shower to make bathing easier, get a grabber device for items that are light, but out of reach, or add extra cushions to chairs that are hard to get out of.

4. Care for Something

A small cat or small dog can give a senior much needed company, but pets are also a lot of work. If your senior loved one lives alone, make sure he or she is fully capable of caring for a pet both physically and financially. Another good option is a garden. Gardening has a myriad of health benefits for seniors, including proven stress relief.

5. Find a New Hobby

Introducing a senior to a new hobby can help fight stress and anxiety associated with boredom. Take your senior loved one to the local craft store, flip through the community college catalog together to find a class, or check out the schedule at a local senior center.

If your senior loved one is experiencing stress related to isolation, inability to complete basic tasks, or a lack of purpose, find a live-in or hourly caregiver in Warren. Caregiver with Home Care Assistance can help around the house, provide transportation to social events or appointments, provide ongoing companionship, and are trained in the Balanced Care Method, which focuses on physical activity, diet, socialization, and maintaining a sense of purpose. Call (908) 450-9400 to speak with a friendly Care Manager and schedule your free in-home consultation.