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Stroke Care

Comprehensive Stroke Care for Seniors in Warren

Recovering from a stroke poses many challenges. For some individuals, it involves re-learning simple tasks such as tying their shoes or talking on the telephone, and others must adjust to permanent changes in their cognitive or physical functioning. While family and friends often step into help, it can be difficult to understand and meet the complex needs of an elderly loved one after a stroke. At Home Care Assistance of Warren, our highly trained caregivers not only meet the physical needs of stroke survivors, they provide compassionate care that helps combat hopelessness, frustration and isolation. We empower our clients by providing safe, appropriate and effective stroke home care plan that is customized to meet individual needs throughout the recovery process.

Tailored Care to Meet the Needs of Senior Stroke Survivors

Home Care Assistance of Warren values the individuality we see in every client, and recognize that no two stroke recovery experiences look exactly alike. In order for the recovery to be effective, care plans must be carefully tailored to the client’s goals and family’s needs. To accomplish this, our Care Managers develop a customized plan of care in collaboration with the client, involved family members and medical professionals. Once all have signed off, services are initiated with a focus on treating the client with dignity and respect. Using this approach, we promote safety and comfort in the home while also respecting the client’s unique goals, specific needs and preferences, and current level of independence.

Flexible Hourly, Overnight & Live-In Stroke Care Plans

In line with our customized plan of care is our flexible approach to scheduling. Home Care Assistance offers a full range of options to families in need of assistance during a stroke recovery. Whether you choose hourly care, full time care, 24-hour services or overnight care, we offer the same high-quality services and never require a contract. Service hours can also be increased, decreased or cancelled at any time without a penalty. This helps to make in-home stroke recovery support accessible for every family.

Highly Qualified Stroke Caregivers Provide Companionship at Home

During the recovery process, our highly qualified stroke caregivers work to create a comfortable home environment that your loved one can thrive in. While all of our caregivers understand the importance of diligently attending to essential tasks like meal preparation, assistance with grooming, medication reminders, transportation and ambulation assistance, they are also compassionate, dedicated professionals who form relationships with their clients and provide beneficial companionship. This reduces boredom, helps to sharpen cognitive functioning and can mitigate the depression that homebound individuals often experience. In this way, Home Care Assistance takes a one-of-a-kind holistic approach to the stroke recovery process.

Getting Started with Home Care Assistance is Easy

Home Care Assistance of Warren welcomes the opportunity to provide your family with the support you need. If you are recovering from a stroke or assisting a loved one who is, give us a call at [phone] today. Our assessment is free, and our dedicated Care Manager is always available to help you make the right decision for your post-stroke recovery needs.