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Adaptive Apparel: Fashionable Clothing for Seniors

By Kevin McClarren, 9:00 am on

Adaptive apparel helps your senior loved one stay safe and fashionable. This type of apparel is becoming popular among seniors, and here are 4 reasons why Warren elderly care experts suggest adding adaptive apparel to your loved one’s wardrobe.  

1. Simplifies Dressing Process

Many seniors need assistance with dressing, and adaptive apparel simplifies the dressing process by providing seniors with clothing customized to their medical conditions. For instance, if your senior loved one faces difficulty putting on clothes, he or she can purchase pants that are easier to pull up, or shirts without buttons. The clothing is fashionable and dressing becomes easy. 

2. Minimizes Discomfort 

A physical disorder, joint pain, or poor muscle strength can cause some clothing to become uncomfortable. However, many seniors manage pain because they want to remain stylish. With adaptive apparel, designers are making fashionable items to eliminate or reduce the level of discomfort. For example, some designers are making adaptive pants with two or more snap adjustments per size to accommodate a senior’s weight. The snaps in adaptive apparel are placed away from the spine, which prevents pressure points from being irritated. 

3. It’s Safe and Fashionable 

Adaptive apparel is made with safety features pertaining to your senior loved one’s health, but in a stylish way. If your senior loved one is confined to a wheelchair, he or she can still put on a stylish pair of jeans with higher waistbands and integrated weights. The therapy tools in adaptive apparel are hidden, allowing your senior loved one to move from place to place in confidence. Adaptive clothing also provides your loved one with shirts made with easy insertion of medical ports. Seniors with disabilities can still look fashionable while wearing safe clothing. 

4. Encourages Social Activity 

Many seniors stay at home because their medical condition limits clothing options. Wearing adaptive apparel allows your senior loved one to remain fashionable while he or she continues with everyday life. Whether your loved one is going to a local meeting, a senior dance, a dinner date at a favorite restaurant, or a casual gathering with family, he or she can find the perfect adaptive apparel for any occasion. Remaining socially active is important for your senior loved one’s overall health.

While adaptive apparel looks promising, it’s important to help your loved one wear it. Professional caregivers at Home Care Assistance help seniors in their dressing, bathing, and toileting activities, saving family caregivers the trouble of taking off and putting on apparel over and over again. Our live-in caregivers in Warren, NJ, provide a range of social stimulation activities to encourage your loved one to try something new such as updating his or her wardrobe. To learn more about our senior care plans, call us today at 908.450.9400.